Jo Malone always has such an alluring hold on me that every time I walk past the counter in any department store I have to stop. My very first job when I came to London from Merseyside way back in 2009 was a perfume girl in Harrods. I used to stand there all day every day dreaming of the time when I too could afford the little luxuries in life like the simple scents I sprayed. So when Jo Malone invited me to meet them I jumped at the chance to what products they had in store for SS16. Catch up on this weeks vlog to see more!

As a massive candle collector (hoarder) a Jo Malone candle is really hitting the jack pot. The smell, the packaging, the ornate detail, everything about it screams luxury and it's the little things like that that make me love the brand. Even the branded matches make me giddy.

The New Scent This Season

"Petal pop. Spring bursts into pristine white blossoms. Soon to become succulent nashi fruit. The sweetness of pear with a crisp bite of apple. Bright with mouth-watering lemon. Vivid juices streaming over nashi blossom, voluptuous rose and softest white musk. In a unique bottle inspired by the nashi flower. Playful. Radiant. Efflorescent."

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