British Summer

/ˈbrɪt.ɪʃ sʌm.ə.taɪm/

A non-existent term that British people use to describe a mythical time of year. Usually associated with dreamers, in particular those who dream of hotter climes.

So British Summer time is over, it lasted approximately one week and now we can all get excited about Autumn.  Jokes aside - what exactly do we wear in British Summer time? The weather is so confusing! Most of the year its pretty's cold and pack a brolly. But, in the Summer good old Blighty can throw anything at us so how are our wardrobes possibly meant to tackle that?

I know you've probably heard it over and over again, but layering IS key. No matter the weather forecast (as I've come to the conclusion they just make it up) layering your clothes gives you the perfect opportunity to adjust for different temperatures.

Luckily this t-shirt underneath a dress trend is in this summer, perfect for us Brits! This whole look is from Dorothy Perkins, a brand that quietly remains on our high street. Although it's not a brand I rush to on a shopping frenzy, some of my most beloved staples are in fact from Dorothy Perkins and that is why it's here to stay.

These shoes I felt needed their own dedicated blog post. However I thought I possibly needed to control my animal print and tassel fetish. They have such a designer feel to them at such a low cost so I had to grab them. If you follow my on social media you will be all to familiar with how much I love them and they have 20% off at the moment! Happy Shopping!


DRESS: Dorothy Perkins

SHOES: Dorothy Perkins

BAG: Dorothy Perkins

SUNGLASSES: Quay Australia

WATCH: Abbott Lyon

EARRINGS: Lyla Loves