- The perfect product to combat fine, limp, hair -

When the cards in life were being dealt great hair wasn't one of them for me. My hair is thin and lifeless, which is why most of the time it's just up in a bun. Extensions are sometimes the answer but I'm always so conscious of the clips or bonds and I am very aware of how freaked out the male species are by detachable hair.

After an array of different options I gave up on anything fake - the sewn in weave (Stella), the clip-ins (Horace), the fake pony (Percy), the jet black wig (Crystal), the platinum blonde wig (Pat). I found that anything fake I attached to my hair just made my natural hair even thinner which was a vicious circle, so now I just tend to go au naturale.

After baring it for a little while my hair grew, but it still lacked life. Believe me hair envy is real, I was so envious of lushes locks, curly fro's and thick bouncing hair. I tried salt water spray, an old school favourite, which creates volume but is so damaging to your hair that I think I unintentionally formed dreadlocks at one point. 

Then there was mousse which gave me volume for years, however I was sick of the flakey, chalky effect it left on my hair. It was only ever a one day wonder too, as after sleeping with mousse on my hair it's something that rivals Marge Simpson on a bad hair day (if you follow me on Snapchat you will know the struggle is real).

So that brings me to my new discovery and one which I wanted to share with you so badly that I did a whole Youtube video dedicated to the product as it really is my saviour. Envy Style Hero is a clear solution which I spread evenly throughout my hair, from roots right to the tips. It acts in the same way that mousse does give you volume and control, however Envy Pro is so light that you wouldn't even know you had any product on your hair at all. The texture remains sleek and smooth, making the volume and the blow-dry look naturally formed.

Key Technology

Envy Style Hero is suitable for ALL types of hair, including fine, thin, thick, straight, and curly hair.

Keratin Amino Acids - penetrate the hair to balance and retain moisture

Silk Proteins - Help to moisturise, smooth, gloss and condition the hair

Wheat Protein - Enhances moisture and improves condition of the hair

Watch full styling video here and see the results!

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