For the past few years I haven’t been happy with my body, it’s safe to say I let things slip. I wasn’t putting weight on but things were getting loose and my skin was deteriorating - once a few pimples, now well formed acne. You only had to take one look at me to realise I wasn’t taking care of myself. I got too busy. For some reason this new year it dawned on me that it was time to take control and fight back my body. I say fight because what I’m about to tell you hasn’t been an easy ride.

I am now a member of a gym! I used to find going to the gym a chore but I’ve actually come to enjoy it. I used to stand in front of the unavoidable mirrors and think there is no hope in saving this, I might as well just go home. I got myself a new range of gym wear, a bra that fitted, and some natural makeup that wasn’t going to make my skin worse but gave me a little self confidence with my acne. At the beginning of the year I definitely wasn’t in a place where I was comfortable going barefaced in public.

If you read my blog you will know I started off the month with a detox. I was up and out January 1st blowing away the cobwebs with a training session and having nearly completed my first month of overhauling my body I feel better than ever. Instead of layering the makeup on to conceal my skin be it dark circles, acne, or red pigmentation I’ve started to reduce the layers as my skin repairs itself.


So I started a healthy eating plan mainly to target my skin, believe me without a layer of makeup on it was abysmal. After the initial detox I cut out sugar, processed foods and dairy - so basically everything I previously consumed. My diet now mainly consists of vegetables, eggs, fish, chicken, grains and nuts. Within a week I had no new spots and still don’t but I’m now left with a few scars that will take about six months to disappear.


As well as reacting to things I eat I also react to things I put on my face, so as I wasn’t quite ready to go barefaced in the gym I looked for products that were very natural and wouldn’t aggravate me especially when I sweat. I was introduced to Nude By Nature at Debenhams and it’s no toxins, 100% cruelty free and PETA certified ingredients. I was sold! The Australian brand uses native extracts, vitamins and essential oils to improve and enhance the appearance of your skin and seeing how flawless the Aussies are I wanted to give it a try.

So my barely there makeup look for the gym includes their silicon free primer, which I find just gives me a really fresh dewy look. I dab a tiny bit of the concealer under my eyes, it’s crease free which is something I really look for in under eye makeup as I don’t want to make my fine lines look worse than they actually are. I then lightly brush over my face with their award-winning mineral loose powder foundation which also has SPF 15, perfect for those days when I workout outside. If I participate in a class with friends or an event I add a little bit of their bronzer and set my t-zone with the translucent loose finishing powder to reduce the shine. When I’ve finished you wouldn’t even realise I have any makeup on at all but it just gives me an extra bit of confidence and added motivation to work harder in the gym.


Laura 2016 was all about wearing a ten year black tee and leggings to the gym, the new me has a whole new workout wardrobe which I’m going to talk you through next week over on my Youtube channel - so keep an eye out. When I look in the mirror at the gym and feel good about myself it makes me work harder helping me reach my body overhaul goals sooner. 

This kit is from Red Herring at Debehnhams paired with Skechers 'Go Flex - Ability' trainers and it just makes me feel good especially on those dismal days here in the UK! I have so many trips abroad planned this year and for the first time I’m actually excited to wear a bikini and have a no makeup day on the beach!

*This post is a collaboration with Debenhams but all thoughts, creativity and opinions are my own.