I have a theory...if you're going to do snakeskin you might as well go bold. I feel the same way about this print as I do about a night out - you might as well go hard or go home. P.S. No snakes were harmed - it's fake!

On the 'fake' note, yes this is a suspiciously close carbon copy of the latest Burberry buckle bag. It's not that I go searching for incredible dupes I just know handbags inside out and back to front so when I'm browsing they seem to standout out a mile in an array of mediocre bags.

Quite simply if Burberry give bold snakeskin the go ahead then I'm definitely following suit. The thick buckle strap also gives a nod to the AW16 military trend which you all know I absolutely LOVE.

Truth be told sometimes you just need a bold bag to detract from a plain outfit. Not much time on your hands? Then going bold with your bag and accessories might just be the answer to your fashion prayers and problems!

Oversized masculine shirt, check. Black skinny jeans, check. Killer heels, check. The common uniform - typically an attire found on a Monday morning prior to caffeine.

To correspond with the pre-caffeine look I usually go with naturally dried hair, forcing it into some sort of chignon or just going with the unkempt look. I hope to fool people that it's an actual style decision rather than a coping mechanism to deal with a Monday morning.


SHIRT: Marks And Spencer

JEANS: Primark

BAG: Tidebuy

SHOES: JustFab

Earrings: Marks And Spencer





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