BEAUTYLaura BlairComment


BEAUTYLaura BlairComment

Teeth have been so important to me since I was a teen. I was that kid at school that wore braces for my entire high school life. Six years of train tracks led me to take great pride in teeth and with that came whitening with the right products.

With many whitening products you have to be careful as they rip off your enamel, damage your gums or can even leave your teeth an uneven tone. I like a softer approach in the form of toothpaste and mouthwash as having strong teeth is very important to me. 

I've been using the Nano Whitening Kit by White Wash Laboratories for approximately three weeks and I want to show you the effect it had on my teeth through a video as I know images can sometimes be misleading. Watch my full dental routine by clicking the image.

STEP 1 - Floss

The WhiteWash Anti-Stain Floss Tape provides an anti-bacterial action which helps tackle the spaces between your teeth, often forgotten in the whitening process. The advanced non-shredding floss glides easily between teeth and features micro-perforations for a superior clean.

The Nano Micro-Riser Expanding Floss is made of a soft micro-fibre thread which expands between teeth due to the mechanical action of flossing. It is the only clinically tested floss; removing up to 40% more plaque compared to other flosses.


STEP 2 - Wash

WhiteWash Nano Whitening Mouthwash has been developed by UK dentists and uses Enamel Care Technology to help whiten and remineralise teeth. The advanced complex helps to reduce tooth sensitivity and create a radiant sheen on teeth. The addition of naturally occurring xylitol inhibits bacterial plaque formation preventing acid attacks.

STEP 3 - Brush

The Nano Whitening Toothbrush with Whitening Bristle Technology helps to remove and prevent the build up of stains and has clinically proven whitening bristles which remove 35% more stains compared to normal bristles.

This post is a collaboration with Whitewash Laboratories but all thoughts, creativity and opinions are my own.