FASHIONLaura BlairComment


FASHIONLaura BlairComment

Since seeing an array of dark green military concepts travel down the runway for AW16 I have been dying to rock this look. Holding back through the summer season until the trend was in full force.

The soft slouch of the top against the strong statement fedora sees the transition of the cold-shoulder through to Autumn. Making the most of the mild change in weather before the icy air sets in for Winter and baring skin becomes the distant past.

With trends and fashion week being the hot topic here – let’s talk about the inevitable. Our fashion calendar works six months in advance. So February’s fashion week showcased fashion that in effect is to be worn now. This came about as editorials worked six months in advance. However ‘the blogger takeover’ works in real-time. Bloggers produce real content in real time. So why do we have to wait six months to adopt a trend?

Can we not incorporate trends we saw for SS17 into our blogs and wardrobe now? Is this the unwritten rule we have to abide by as to not upset the editorial balance?

So the fashion structure and hierarchy that has been so defined and unmovable for decades suddenly starts to crumble underneath the digital shift. Leaving a very bitter taste with some of the most renowned editors as they sit front row next to their digital rivals ‘the bloggers’ and their crowns slightly askew -  we’ve all read THAT article from Vogue!

For me I like to see the trends that hit the catwalk, how they’re styled in the magazines and how the trends trickledown to real life people (the bloggers) and reworked in different ways. This is the magic of the fashion industry, no bitterness needed.

What’s your perspective? – read the full article here.


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