Next stop Rio…

In a whirlwind we boarded the plane from São Paulo to Rio and landed in the beautiful Copacabana beach. Our stay was spent at the JW Marriott hotel overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, it was beyond paradise.

I had to take a few quick snaps on the Marriott rooftop before we headed to Sugar Loaf Mountain - if anyone is heading to Brazil this is definitely a must see! This babydoll dress from Topshop was the perfect breezy ensemble to tackle the thirty degree heat. The hat was from Copacabana beach itself from a man who spent his days walking miles up and down the coast line and it just so happened to match my dress perfectly!

The bag is an obvious Zara favourite (like all my other bags)... the Zara obsession continues. The glasses are my new safety nets (Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Gold L0205) they haven't left my face the whole trip!

The Marriott rooftop with it’s panoramic view of Rio was an attraction in itself, so blissful that Mitch and I actually fell asleep on one of the beds one night as the sun set over the mountains.

Sugar loaf pictured here is one of those pinch me moments - is this real? Two cable carts up to one of the highest destinations in the city and it’s safe to say I will remember it forever!


HAT: Copacabana Beach

DRESS: Topshop

BAG: Zara

SUNGLASSES: Sunglasses Shop