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BEAUTYLaura BlairComment

I'm the kind of girl that in my down town rocks a messy bun. If it's a quick outing a Kate Moss style naturally dried unkempt hair-do is my go-to. However when I'm looking for that extra wow factor for an evening out or an event I always turn to my trusted hair extensions to create volume.

With naturally thin hair it's impossible to create anything like this on my own! I ordered my current extensions from a brand called Lulla Bellz. I'm usually so skeptical about ordering hair online as colour matching is so difficult, however they colour matched my hair perfectly from my pictures, so if you have struggled with this problem previously I would definitely recommend Lulla Bellz for their colour matching service.

 The first style was created using just one of the Thick 16 inch 1 Weft Curly Hair Extensions, as you can see it creates a soft loose curl effect. I love this look for those less formal occasions where you just want that little bit of extra volume and confidence.With just one weft it's so easy to make your hair go from limp to 'Beyonce' in a matter of seconds. This means I never panic to get ready for last minute events.

The second look is for hair that will make you stand out from the crowd. Using two Thick 16 inch 1 Weft Curly Hair Extensions it really gives your hair some star quality, making you feel A-list glam. Clip one set of extensions in to the lower part of your hair and then the other just below your crown, this helps give your hair some added height.

The third look I created by just sectioning the top half of my hair, twisting and pinning it into a bun. I then took two side sections, plaited them and wrapped each one around the bun, securing it with bobby pins. I love this look and its great for outdoors if you want to tackle windy weather conditions with hair extensions in.

Everytime I wear this style I feel like an ethereal princess which is my favourite for summer time months or particularly feminine outfits.

Lastly we have the pony! A pony tail can look ultra sleek and glamourous, however with my natural hair there just isn't anything glamourous about it. It's so limp and thin that it really is a poor excuse for a pony tail. To create this pony I simply attached one Thick 16 inch 1 Weft Curly Hair Extension around the area I wanted my ponytail to go. So in this instance I curved it around my crown then tied all my hair up over the extensions and into a bobble. Don't forget to use a strong bobble for security!

To finish the look off I wrapped a strand of hair around the bobble to disguise it and secured with a bobby pin. Grab your extensions fromLulla Bellz with my 10% off code 'LAURAB10






This post is a collaboration with by Lulla Bellz  but all thoughts, creativity and opinions are my own.