Why your late twenties are a struggle...

.  Those wrinkles that you think are far away for your future self to deal with start appearing causing you minor anxiety every time you look in the mirror.

2.  You haven’t grown up yet and you really start to think it’s about time causing you to make a shopping list that no longer consists of heels and Prosecco but houses, cars and a retirement plan.

3.  Self doubt. You suddenly become a machine, drilling in girlboss mantras at least ten times a day as everyone from class of 99 have a house, car, retirement plan, heels and Prosecco. Doubting that you will ever get your shit together before society enforces you to pop a baby out is a daily ritual.

4.  You’re richer than you’ve ever been but feel poorer than ever as you estimate you will be 101 before you are able to own a house. Which leaves you pondering whether to continue paying your foreign landlords mortgage off or move back in with the rents.

5.  A nightclub that once felt like your second home is now considered your worst nightmare, genuinely fearing for your life and feet on a night out. Instead a food shop, wine and a good movie with your best friend genuinely excites you.

6.  Your Pinterest is suddenly inundated with interior design boards even though you have no interior to design yet.

7.  You have absolutely no interest if someone whistles at you down the street but become intensely hyperactive when passing a small fluffy dog.

8.  You roll your eyes when weddings are mentioned stating that you hate everything about them but then ask for a sneaky peak of the wedding dress.

9.  When someone mentions the word ‘baby’ you cross your legs and clench your pelvic floor so tight you think it’s permanently sealed shut.


HAT: Primark

DRESS: Dezzal

SHOES: Stradivarius

BAG: Stradivarius

WATCH: Triwa



Looking on the bright side your late twenties can also be a really positive time in your life. For instance your hair is in the best condition it has ever been as you realise your nan was right all along ‘just leave it alone’. Those breakup melodramas that broke your heart often cause the odd chuckle as you look back and for the first time you like your curves because you are a woman now after all.

In all seriousness your late twenties are such a pinnacle point in your life, which is possibly why I find it particularly hard. You start to put down roots and these decisions occur that could potentially change your path in life. Now is the time to set solid foundations for your career, your love life and your home life. Scary, but also exciting.

Take some time-out to discover what it is you really want out of life. Sometimes it's okay to take two steps backward in order to progress. I made the mistake thinking these answers would come to me over night but now I realise these things take time and it's okay if direction doesn’t come to me any time soon. I wrote this post so you could see that I too do not have my shit together – so don’t worry so much, we’re all winging it.