What are the reasons? Why do we pick the clothes we wear? What thoughts go through your head as you scroll through hundreds of online boutiques? What decision allows that final dress to make it to checkout?

I spent years getting it so very wrong. The deciding factors used to vary from the colour complimenting my skin tone to making sure it made my figure look at it's ultimate best, resulting in a disaster that somehow came across as a collective mix of Jordan and Britney.

Now it's a whole different story. My main focus is how the clothing makes me feel! It needs to be fun. The moment I saw this dress I envisioned myself spinning around on a beach as the waves washed up against my feet in the early hours of the morning and that's exactly what I did! What people think of my outfit comes secondary to how it actually makes me feel and I realise now that is so much more important. If a dress makes YOU feel fabulous you will have a fabulous night and that's the power of clothing.

I like people to ask me where my clothes are from rather than knowing already that it's from Topshop, as everyone is walking round in the exact same outfit. There are so many designers out there just waiting to be found, so on my blog I like to incorporate not just mainstream fashion but unique designers that just haven't had their voices heard yet. The internet is making fashion from every corner of the world accessible so it's so important to me to try introduce new brands to you via my blog.

This dress is from a brand called Dezzal that I fell in love with at first sight. It's a collection of unique designers from all over the world, so if your looking for something different it's definitely worth a look! Clic here to see another Dezzal look that I shot!


DRESS: Dezzal