In the words of Kate Spade "Playing dress up begins at age five, and never truly ends".

The dressing up box lived in the attic and was brought down on occasion for my sister and I to rummage through. To the ordinary eye it was filled with limp lifeless items that once had their day but were now left to collect dust. To us it was a box of adventures that paved our stories, whether I was a princess, a bride, a nurse, a horse - my sister directed and I followed suit. We painted our faces as well as our mothers enjoying the magic of dressing up. 

I was introduced to makeup at an early age as giving my mother a glam-over aged 3 was a regular occurrence, my sister and I having half a face each. She still looked beautiful.

Dressing up continued through my early life in theatre and then transferred and matured into fashion. Now, each of my fashion decisions is an opportunity to be a different character, unafraid to try out new looks and be daring, with the help, of course, from a little make up. Here are some of my favourite looks from the Love & Found Collection at John Lewis.

Disturbed is a colour of mystery, for a bold look and a confident woman.

Its creamy matte texture is soft on the lips avoiding cracks for the perfect dramatic pout.

Vivid red was once seductive and sultry but now with minimal makeup it can leave you fresh faced and meaning business in the nick of time.

Slowburn is a dewy red with a slight sheer making it my go-to 'lippy' when I want a quick fix!

The ultimate girl crush product! This is dressing up at its finest as we take a trip down memory lane to the 90's when Clueless was our favourite movie.

Crush is hot pink with a creamy feel that Urban Decay describe as 'Badass Luxury' - I'm SOLD!!

Hitch Hike is exactly the lipstick you would whip out if you wanted to bag a free ride

It's on the verge of sultry red, but with a subtle approach it leaves you less intimidating whilst still giving your lips THAT power.

Interrogate is an everyday favourite of mine. Its peach undertones go perfectly with a peach blush if you are wanting to step away from pink shades.

This is a perfect colour for the transition between Summer and Autumn.

If you follow the moto 'subtlety is key' then try out this Trick. Ditch the vaseline and try out this shade with its creamy texture and high level of pearl it's enough to leave your lips soft for days.

At first glance it appears as just a slight gloss but as your lips hit the sunlight they are bathed in gold shimmer, making your pout come to life. 

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