FASHIONLaura BlairComment


FASHIONLaura BlairComment

Sometimes being a woman is hard and I mean physically. The skyscraper heels which destroy your feet, the spanky pants which restrict your breathing, the makeup which suffocates your face all day long and the bra that as soon as you walk through the door needs to come off - for comfort reasons only.

So styling a new way of dressing for those days when you just don’t want to, well, be feminine, is my coping mechanism for life. Scrape your hair back off your face tying it in a knot and reach for the biggest darkest shades as today is a ‘no-makeup day’.

Grab an oversized shirt be it your boyfriends, husbands, dads or one you picked up from Zara a couple of sizes too big. Off-the-shoulder, buttoned to the top, tie it in a knot – this is your day off from being feline so anything goes, your priority is comfort.

Those trusted jeans, your favourites, your trusted ally, that have hidden stretch that only you know about.

Those slip-on loafers with fur lining, resembling slippers in comfort and style but thank God Gucci made these desirable.

I recently read an article which discussed a receptionist who had turned up for work in smart ballet flats and was told to come back wearing two- to four-inch heels. If that was me I would agree to it if every single male in the office had to do exactly the same otherwise this would be the outfit of choice. Society has so many ideas for us, what we should wear, how we should behave, what lives we should lead. Screw society.



SHIRT: Zara (similar)

JEANS: Primark

SHOES: ASOS (similar)

WATCH: Abbott Lyon