- How I learnt to make the most  out of my wardrobe -

A year ago I was in a situation where I was moving out of a place I had been based for seven years. It suddenly became very obvious to me that I was a hoarder of clothes as I pondered over the prospect of carting them across London to my new abode. I had four rails of clothes and two bookshelves worth of shoes and it was time to move them! It came down to the questions - did I wear them and did I really want them? Sifting through the racks it dawned on me that I didn't wear the majority and it was mostly old, worn and items that I bought for under a fiver.

Don't get me wrong I love Primark, Matalan and all the value brands featured on our high street. You definitely could have called me a Primarni whore back in the day, but I suddenly realised the amount of money I had spent on these items I could have invested in timeless pieces at a higher price that lasted for years to come.

So thus began my transition from bargain buying to high-end high street and luxury items. I really started to become a smarter shopper investing in pieces that never went out of fashion, building a wardrobe that would last me a lifetime rather than five minutes.

Now you're probably thinking why is this a post about luxury items when she's wearing Missguided and Primark - well it all ties in to my savvier purchasing habits. Living in England the amount of times I could probably wear a playsuit like this before it returns to rain and drizzle is extremely low. So spending a lot of money on summer outfits doesn't make sense financially to me. Point proven by the fact this playsuit was purchased last year and I only just got the chance to wear it.

For holiday outfits and summer trends I always revert back to throw away buys as the reality of me getting to wear them for more than a couple of days a year is rare in England.


PLAYSUIT: Missguided (similar)

BAG: Zara

HAT: Primark


WATCH: Abbott Lyon

BRACELET: Lily & Rose