- They think blogging is easY - 

‘Is fashion blogging, like, actually a thing?’ said the girl from behind her computer peering over her specs at me, definitely looking at me like I was crazy.

Yes it’s a thing! A thing I find hard to believe that some people don’t know about. But sure enough there are a lot of people out there that haven’t discovered this world wondering if you live on a different planet when you say fashion blogging alongside career talk.

‘What are you doing this weekend?’

Blogging. You tackle two full time jobs, working 9am-5pm on your day job and 5pm-1am on your blog and spend most of the weekend utilising daylight hours for photography. The reality is you do this for about two years solidly before any sign of it ever becoming a career. So there’s no doubt that every blogger you follow is passionate about what they do and it most definitely is not an easy ride!

‘But… how do I get followers?’

This is a question I get asked over and over again and truthfully there is no answer because everyone would do it if there was. The thing I find great about this industry is that it whittles out the people just in it for the followers, the money and the free gifts. The bloggers that succeed are the ones who are truly passionate about creating and would do it for free for the rest of their lives minus all the benefits.

If you use your social platforms as an outlet for your creativity without trying to mimic the feeds of others the followers will come.

Creativity leads me to the point of this post. I absolutely love finding small up and coming brands and styling their pieces. I love the fact that the clothes are original and not on the high-street for everyone to pick up. I’ve always been one to love individuality but especially in blogging I think it’s so important to stay original when so many of us are doing the same campaign.

This look was created from Wow That Dress a new brand which I love and where my styling can be so raw. It’s no secret that I have a stud fetish so when I saw this jacket I knew I had to have it!

Oversized shirts and peep toe boots have been my staple back to work items this summer. Trying to keep up with the heat these past few weeks but still remaining somewhat smart led me to picking up the boyfriend shirts in favour of loose fitting clothes.



SHIRT: Marks & Spencer

JACKET: Wow That Dress

JEANS: Wow That Dress

BAG: Zara

BOOTS: Just Fab

Oh, and meet Harley my boyfriends dog!

This post is a collaboration with by Wow The Dress  but all thoughts, creativity and opinions are my own.