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FASHIONLaura BlairComment



London Fashion Week brings up so many different memories for me. For years I worked as a fashion journalist and I was that person in trainers running between shows and sweating profusely whilst wedged on a bench full of fashion goers.

Fifty shows in five days – I sat watching glamourous men and women stopping for photographs pondering how on earth are they not looking in a similar dishevelled shape to me? For me fashion week was about stamina, perseverance, endurance and a great supply of blister plasters.

Those where the early years when I was fresh into the industry, like a deer in headlights trying to balance my way through this weird and wonderful world that is the British fashion industry.

From fashion journalist I turned photographer, taking photographs of backstage beauty and street style of the intercontinental style that graces our streets over the five day period. I managed to get my self into all the shows through blood, sweat, tears and a sincere passion for fashion.

After a few years I had racked up experience in journalism, photography, styling and PR. People kept on insisting I had to find one element and focus on it otherwise my career was never going to be a successful one. I loved all of it though, I didn’t and couldn’t choose my favourite!

Then I stumbled across a certain blogger with a certain colour hair that opened a world up that fascinated me. I always thought blogs were miscellaneous people that wrote anonymously on the internet. I never dreamed that this world existed of creative people all with same passion as me for fashion and beauty. Who were having fully-fledged careers out of writing, photography, styling and marketing all under one title – blogger.

The real question is where do you start? That is a question I get asked over and over again. My answer is always the same – it starts with photography. The photographs you use and the videos you record are the window to your life and the key way in which you can communicate with your audience. It took me a long time before I could work my way round a camera so I wanted to share some of my key tips for starting out.


I was under the impression that I needed a hefty DSLR camera to take quality pictures, however over the past year or so I’ve downgraded for nifty hand-bag size cameras. Being able to photograph on-the-go is essential so lugging around big DSLR’s just isn’t ideal. In comparison, with the right lens, the smaller cameras (the Lumix GX80 for example that I’ve used here) takes equally as good imagery for your blog.


The best place to take picture is outside in natural light. Unless you have extremely high-tech lighting equipment work with the sun as it will make your images look so much more professional than indoor lighting. Make use of the golden hours which are just after sunrise and just before sunset - the sun is positioned in just the right place to give you that perfect glow.


I currently use a 45mm fixed lens. A kit lens is great for Instagram or vlogging however to create a really professional looking blog post I like to upgrade the lens slightly. It’s also fixed which means that if you give your camera to someone that isn’t too great at taken picture you still can get a really professional looking shot.


CAMERA: Lumix GX80

 LENS: 45mm f/1.8G Standard Lens



BOOTS: Zara (available in-store)

BAG: Koua Mexico


WATCH: Abbott Lyon