I was lucky enough to travel the world in my early twenties, I kept packing my bag and leaving without any notice. It gave me such a rush and each trip I came back a little wiser, as if I had obtained a little more knowledge that no one else understood.

Escaping the bubble that you’re in makes all the little things that seem so important diminish, allowing you to readjust your priorities. Seeing how other people live their lives around the world allows you to break old habits and maybe introduce some new ones.

It also highlights what or who you love, as being a thousand miles away makes a heavy heart grow stronger.

Maybe it’s flying so high above the world that aligns your thoughts, clarifying how small you are and how your time here is fleeting - making you question what is your purpose here on Earth. This perspective that allows you to return with new ideas, new motivation and fresh love of life is something that you know will fade as you re-sink into old habits and routines.

How do we keep the wanderlust outlook alive?

I kept a journal since the age of 11 where I empty my brain onto pages so I no longer have to carry around burdened thoughts or to record stories that I know as an old lady will have been long forgotten. In the words of Oscar Wilde - “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train.”

Returning to the pages where you felt inspired and motivated will help you remember what is important to you - 0r in this day and age returning to that vlog that made you laugh so much. Recording our lives is something that has been done for years, we now just have different ways of recording them, whether its Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat memories.

So whatever your form - don't forget to go back and read a few sensational pages of your book from time to time.


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