Fashion. The word fashion has such a frivolous attachment connected to materialism and vanity. A degree in fashion is sometimes laughable when compared to a law or business qualification to name a few. If only they knew the reality.

Fashion (que cliché quote) is the art of self expression. It’s about you telling the world who you are or who you want to be when you get up in the morning. Fashion is that inner feeling inside yourself that makes you ooze confidence when you know you look good.

Fashion makes me happy. Some people call that shallow, fickle, materialistic but nothing can replace that inner confidence. A new hair do, a new lippy, a new pair of shoes can lift even the dullest of spirits. It’s not about top notch designer hand bags or the latest catwalk must have, a charity shop haul can even have the same effect.

Women in fashion storm the world like no other industry, they know their self worth and that is something through my blog I love to pass on. Know your self worth - value yourself, your opinions and know that when you get dressed in the morning you matter.

If you choose to wear something extraordinary go out and own it. Ordinary is for the mundane. Break the rules and don’t ever feel self conscious for trying something new. Have you ever wondered how some people just look effortlessly fabulous all the time? Well, it’s because they don’t give a sh*t what anyone thinks of them and that in itself is a form of fashion.

Ever wondered why some people look glamorous all the time? Like anything, the art of looking and feeling good comes with research. Whether intentional or not glamour comes from absorbing different cultures through magazines, blogs and even real life for those fortunate enough to go on adventures.

Collating ideas and opinions on what you like helps you make that decision in the morning and know the person you want to be when you get dressed.

This is why the world of blogging fills me with such incredible passion. I love that some many people now have the opportunity to self express themselves for the world to see. It allows people to take their life and now their career into their own hands without waiting for somebody else to say YES. It allows people that are truly passionate about something excel when previously they may have never been given a chance.

So however many rejections or misfortunes you have just remember everybody experiences them in someway shape or form. When the going gets tough the tough shall rise - so go put your favourite lippy on and your killer heels and rise to the challenge of feeling good about yourself.






BAG: Available in store - H&M  (similar)

BRACELETS: Available in store - H&M (similar)

EARRINGS: Claire's Accessorize

WATCH: Abbott Lyon

CARDIGAN: River Island

This look was something I put together for the Bloglovin x H&M Awards in partnership with Man Repeller. If you haven’t check out Man Repeller and Leandra Medine’s online magic then head over now and thank me later!

The items were things I have collated from H&M over the past few months which I threw together to create this look. I chose classic black, partnering it with a bright head scarf and space buns to add a hint of fun! My favourite - the lace up espidrilles are the most worn item of my wardrobe this season so far and if you take anything from this blog post it should be them!

FACT OF THE DAY: I had a hand written sign on the back of my door for years that said 'Know Your Worth' so that every time I stepped out the door I knew not to take any bullsh*t!