The Asos White Collection is something that I stumbled upon recently and fell in love with instantaneously – the lines, the silhouettes was everything that fulfilled my fashion itches. Unaware that Asos had different collections @ASOS_White is something that I now type into Google on a regular which takes me straight to a place of everything I love, rather than sifting through designs for hours. Yes, I said hours – I like to shop!

 I was waiting for the perfect outfit to debut this H&M x Balmain cuff and as always I like to match the most extraordinary accessories and outfits together. Somehow pulling together unusual items makes for the most genius combinations and it’s always fun to experiment.

Teva is a brand I fell in love with primarily for the comfort and secondary for the style. As I am always trekking around London on different blogger adventures, finding a comfortable but classy boot was an essential. It should be in the bloggers handbook that’s for sure! It’s definitely a boot that you can wear everyday without them becoming ruined or tatty due the richness of the waterproof leather. This style is called 'Delavina Low' in black, which I opted for due to their ease of adaptability into the warmer months.Well, the hopeful warmer months we all wish for here in London. Looking on the bright side - it's better to be caught out in the rain with these boots than sandals!

DRESS: Asos White Collection

BOOTS: Teva 

CUFF: H&M xBalmain

RING: Lyla Loves