Thank you for always believing in me, even when others doubted me - you were always there telling me I could do and be anything I wanted.

Thank you for not giving up on me for all these years and standing by me when things got tough.

Thank you for keeping my secrets and not judging me for them.

Thank you for making me laugh even though no one else gets the joke.

Thank you for picking me up when I fall down.

Thank you for being the reason I get out of bed every morning.

Thank you for never cheating on me and never telling me lies.

Thank you for being so strong I can stand on my own.

Thank you for your respect.

To Me, Love Me x

I’ve always hated Valentines Day - single, taken, ‘tbc’...I’ve hated it each year. I refer to it as the day of ‘forced love’ thrown upon us by society. If we’re single it make us feel lonely, if we are taken it makes us feel pressured, if we’re stuck somewhere in the middle it leaves us so confused. So whatever the climate of my love life I made a promise each year that I would dedicate Valentines Day to myself.

I’ve never been scared to be alone in fact I usually relay those times in my life as being pretty blissful. I’ve never sought after love to enable me to love myself, which I fear many people do. Loving yourself is the most powerful thing in the world. If you believe in you, take time to yourself and love everything about you then someone else will too...if you want them to.

As a teen every year on the 14th February my girlfriends and I would treat oursleves to a Macdonalds. Yes I said it - greasy fries, cheesy hamburgers and a McFlurry to top it all off. I’d go to bed that night knowing full well I was more satisfied than any man could ever make me. As I got older I learnt to treat myself in different ways. So tomorrow you will find me booked in for a Spa day, sipping champagne and wearing my new gifts to me, from me.

New lace underwear courtesy of Boux Avenue, for my eyes only of course, so I know in case of emergency I’m covered.

This truly stunning diamond encrusted watch by Rotary, so every time I tell the time I’m reminded of my self worth - not in a materialistic sense.

And a new scent as sometimes you just need a fresh new start. As they always say a smell can bring back a lifetime of memories.


WATCH: Rotary

LINGERIE: Boux Avenue

FRAGRANCE 1: Jimmy Choo

FRAGRANCE 2: Cartier

SHOES: Zaful