- DAY ONE - 

London Fashion Week - for those who embrace it year after year come prepared with their Compeed plasters and Berocca. Those not in the know vision it as an exclusive members club just for the fashion elite where shoes and champagne are the only things on the agenda. When actually London Fashion Week is a biannual event where creative people who express themselves through clothes get together and celebrate. The familiar fashion addict faces I see each season remind me why I love this industry and the designers that showcase new designs each year are the roots to which the very clothes your are wearing now are born.

The thing I love about London Fashion Week over the other cities is it's undercurrent of new designers. Each year it pushes new talent into the limelight not just holding places for the fashion heirarchy - one minute you can be at Burberry the next Fashion East Topshops new generation initiative.

On that topic my first stop was 'Ones To Watch' a show dedicated to the brightest emerging UK and International design talent. Featured was Joanna Berling, Krasimira Stoyneva, Orange Culture and RU, all individual in their own right. The new talent showcases are one of my favourite to watch as they are so unpredictable and fresh that you have no idea what type of art will glide past you at any moment.

My outfit - I would like to say 'plaid's making a comeback' was the explanation for my Day 1 fashion decision. Honestly, I just liked the silhouette of the dress and red plaid was just an additional bonus. The cut was asymmetrical - short at the front, long at the back -  just enough to capture a glimpse of my bare skin above my thigh high boots. I love thigh high boots this time of year as they allow you to play around with skirts and dresses without feeling the cold. I always get asked by the streetstyle paps 'who are you wearing' and I presume I'm meant to say a designer but loud and proud I say 'Zara' - as sometimes you just can't beat it.

Next stop I swung by Maybelline at the BFC Designer Showrooms - a space dedicated to a broader group of designers including both well known brands and emerging designers. As a fortified makeup addict I was eager to test out Maybellines new products, knowing how stingy sales assistants can be on sample situation everytime I get the chance to play I'm there for hours - forever on the hunt for the perfect foundation.



BOOTS: Quiz,


BAG: Calvin Klein

BELT: Asos (similar)

I get so inspired walking around the showspace and one of my favourite things to do at fashion week is picking up on trends I think will become mainstream. I usually do a trend round up over on my twitter at the end of the week so headover to @TheLauraBlair and keep an eye out!

My last show of the day was Rocky Star an India designer reknowned for dressing both Bollywood and Hollywood stars. There's such a richness to his designs, this dress pictured below being one of my favourites and is literally by redcarpet dress to die for if ever I had such an event!

Lastly my earrings - I got the feeling my earrings where wearing me at LFW but you know what they say 'the bigger the better'. There is no better time to go bold though than at London Fashion Week!

Quick thank you to Pop Pr and Fashion Scout for holding such amazing shows year after year.