I hate my birthday, not for the obvious reasons like I’m getting ever closer to the big 30. This statement may be true but I hate my birthday because believe it or not I hate being centre of attention. Crazy seen as I take pictures of myself for a living, I’m also not a shy person - in the slightest. However something about birthdays just makes me cringe.

So in typical Laura style I booked me and my favourite girls (my mum and sister) into a spa, to zone out all thoughts of aging and to simply style out a low key birthday.

Birthdays also make you realise who is important or should be important in your life. A simple no show on a birthday, even if it’s a text or a card, firmly gets you crossed off my list - brutal yes, foolproof no.

The past years on the 28th February there have been all night parties, 24-hours party in Paris, opening cards by candlelight in Beirut. You name it I’ve done it all, but this year I just wanted to be with the people that love me the most. So as my last year of a twenty-something commences I’m officially hanging up my 6 ‘inchers’ (heels) and beaconing the champers and afternoon tea.

Now let’s talk about the birthday suit…

I love a shirt, I think there’s something so sexy about a woman in a shirt - it echoes class, style and sophistication. This blue shirt is from Rare London and literally a rare find on this site as it’s mostly dresses, so I thought I’d come across gold when I stumbled across it. I will forever be obsessed with sleeve detailing, I feel like it adds a little playfulness to an outfit and symbolises a woman who's not afraid to experiment.

The culottes - a newcomer to the ever expanding closet. I was scared of culottes I’m not going to lie, I thought they were made for a certain body type and mine just wasn’t one of them. I usually opt for leggy outfits so this was a whole new ball game in the silhouette department. It’s a keeper though - the leather straps a clear selling point.

The shoes need no introduction and have been floating around my cyber space for a little while now as you’ve probably seen. They are literally the perfect shaped stiletto and as a dedicated shoe hoarder they’re my number ones at the moment.

The bag, Birkin no, similar yes. I accidentally found this carbon copy Hermès Birkin out of pure chance. I never sought out dupes on purpose, I’m just drawn to great designs and this just happened to have a few too many similarities to one of the most expensive bags in the world. Yes I have expensive taste.. on a budget!