I don’t hide the fact that I was hit with horrendous acne in my late twenties. It wasn’t so much the cosmetic stance that hindered my everyday life as however huge a pimple may be concealer is a wonderful invention. It was how it made feel on the inside - it hurt when I smiled, I felt unwell and most of all I looked ill. So I’m not one to complain about a subject and do nothing about it so I bulldozed head first into what I can only describe as a process of elimination.

 I was 99% sure - against many a doctor diagnosis - that my skin troubles were food related as every time I didn’t eat my skin was perfectly clear. Those times when acne should be at it’s peak - illness, stress, upset - my skin would be glowing and the only thing I can put it down to is lack of appetite.

For many of us shedding those pesky pounds can be hard at times, so incorporating SLIM LIFE TEA into your diet will really help kick off the excess. Within a couple of days of drinking the tea regularly I found that my cravings had been suppressed and I was no longer reaching for the biscuit tin. Sugar cravings are in particular my downfall and probably the worst thing you can eat if you want to keep in shape. The tea also has many other fat burning benefits which you can read in more detail here: www.slimlifetea.co.uk/benefits-slimlifetea. From personal experience, teas are one of the strongest natural healers that contain so many benefits, in particular it really helps  maintain a healthy body weight. By just incorporating SLIM LIFE TEA with a balanced diet you will be able to speed up your weight loss. Since starting my journey and fitness goals for the first time my stomach no longer holds excess body fats and I’m leaner than ever before. It’s definitely got a thumbs up from me not to mention that it actually tastes really good!


First I gave up sugar, then dairy, gluten, lactose - the list goes on. Until I finally cracked it… I went vegan. Let’s just say the myths about veganism and skin rejuvenation are very true. Within a week my skin had turned itself around and (touch wood) my acne is at bay. However with my new found veganism came the now everyday dilemma of what to eat/drink.

As an avid tea drinker who loves nothing better than an English brew, the prospect of deleting it from my diet was rather daunting. True to vegan form though it became a much regrettable thing of the past. Green, Camomile, Spearmint, Lemon, Ginger - no type seemed to engulf me in the same warm hug as my beloved English brew.

Until I received a parcel in the post that was the answer to my ‘teaholic’ prayers. Let me introduce you to SLIM LIFE TEA - slimming aside (I will get into that later) this little bit of heaven in a cup was the ideal replacement for my non-dairy alternative to my once believed favourite beverage. I think I would quite possibly opt for it over a traditional English tea nowadays if given the choice as the taste is just divine and most of all extremely healthy.


 The leaf is Red Oolong tea which comes from the Enshi region in China. The tea contains polyphenol which blocks enzymes from building fat and boosts your metabolism by 20% or more, which means it can help you to lose weight. It’s organically grown and 100% non-laxative. Since the predominant cause of my skin problems turned out to be linked with the hormone and additives in meat products organic options are so important in my diet.


 Just add 1-2 teaspoons of SLIM LIFE TEA to hot water and brew for one minute. It’s recommend for best results to drink three times a day, however as a true tea addict I’ve been drinking five plus!


  •  I feel less drained and have a lot more energy than I used to.
  •  My skin once grey and sallow is now starting to glow again. After a little research I began to understand that SLIM LIFE TEA was playing a huge part in this. The polyphenols found in the leaves eradicate the free radicals from our body and consequently slow down the ageing process.
  •  Regular consumption of oolong tea is known to reduce cholesterol levels.
  •  It helps prevent the build-up of plaque and tooth decay.
  •  It also has anti-cancer properties - the polyphenols promote programmed cell death of cancerous growths in the stomach and acts a chemo-preventive agents.
  • It helps fight bacterial infections which might explain my acne reduction.   
  • The best part - it has reduced my sugar cravings! So instead of reaching for the biscuit tin I can make a healthier decision when it comes to snacking.

  Having done so much research on diet and nutrition these past few months after trying to combat my skin issues I’ve come to really appreciate natural products. We live in a world were cosmetic and unnatural procedures are offered as a  quick fix but actually there are so many natural alternatives that offer better results if you have the dedication.

*This post is a collaboration with Slim Life Tea but all thoughts, creativity and opinions are my own.